Hans Technical Solutions was establish in Israel in May 2000 , to provide a solutions to turn Key projects , and to make cost reduction for many items , to hi-tech companies.

In time many companies ask for design & development with the china's factories in all kind of mechanics and electro mechanics items.

We help companies with cost reduction as big project, and on many others parts in their products , from the screws to the big item as CNC machining , Die casting Aluminum , and Magnesium casting , Cables ASSAY , PCB ASSAY , Plastic Injection , RF cables & connectors , and turn key sub contractors items.

All the items are manufacturer in china with hi Quality insurance, ISO certificate, and ISO 14000.

We are open to any request, any project for turn key , and for any items that the customer need.

We are working with Hi tech company, middle tech , and low tech on special items for the Car industrial.

We are opening to any inquire from all customers in all this field for any action.

Websites for any purpose • 050-556-7807 • www.quicksite.co.il
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